Bracelets 101

If clothing is a Sundae, jewelry is the cherry on top of it. Although men might be hesitant to flex their wrist-wear game; it can evoke a whole new stylish attitude to your daily outfit. Depending on the material, bulk, and colors; bracelets are a versatile accessory to any person’s arsenal. Our Dear Martian, beaded stone and cuff bracelets have just been released—so now it’s time to lend some game to your naked hand other than that same watch you’ve been wearing since you’ve received years ago from your communion days.

How To Rock Men’s Bracelets

The Paisley Burgundy Skinny Tie Paired with A Stone Beaded Tiger Eye Bracelet

So you’ve been eying those Pitti Uomo men fashionistas pulling off patterns and jewelry on Instagram and made the decision that it’s time to up your #menswear game. When it comes to accessories there are no rules; it all depends on YOU and your own style. The term “stacking bracelets” refers to having more than one bracelet or accessory on your wrist. Adds a little extra umph; this is where you can play around with colors and mix & match materials whether they be stone, leather, or metal.

Cuff Bracelets


Cuff bracelets have grown popular in men’s fashion this past year, thus we had to design our very own. Constructed of high quality metal; our Duality cuff bracelet makes the perfect stacking piece because of its simplicity and thin design. Furthermore, the men’s cuff can be worn in either direction; with a gap and two half hexagons on either side—or with a smooth elongated hexagon bezel. Definitely the perfect complement to any watch and or even with itself. There are two different sizes (S-M /L-XL) and because of its malleability, stretch the cuff wide enough so you can easily slide into your DM cuff. With three neutral color-ways: matte black, antique steel, and brass finding the right bracelet for your outfit has never been so easy. A product image of the Howlite White Stone beaded wrap bracelet

Stone Beaded Bracelets


We’ve all come across someone rocking a beaded bracelet, whether it be for style cred, spiritual energy, or a couple’s bracelet; its popularity lies in the vast selection of colors, stones, shapes, and sizes. Although you might be tempted to rack up your entire wrist with beaded bracelets, personally the most I’d go for is 4 depending on the beads size and my mood (unless you’re at Coachella and PLUR is your way of life; there’s no need for an entire sleeve of bracelets). 

Currently Dear Martian, Brooklyn has three different types of beaded bracelets: the 12mm stone bracelet, 8mm faceted beaded bracelet, & a triple layer wrap bracelet. Our chunky monkey Black Panther & Jon Snow bracelets are definite choices if you’re waking up feeling bold. These heavy bracelets come with the signature DM hexagonal logo made of steel. Next up are the faceted beaded bracelets, which are intricately cut with multiple flat surfaces to show off a certain brilliance of each individual stone. Because of its 8mm beads, these bracelets are easy to pair with other jewelry. Last but not least are my favorite, the wrap bracelets, which are strung with a plethora of 6mm gemstone beads, a hexagon steel logo bead, and a Dear Martian tag. There’s really no needs to stack with a wrap bracelet, but it’s perfect for getting some dual wrist bling game.

Our beaded bracelets are only made with the highest quality of gemstones sourced from numerous locations across the globe and stones are graded based on weight, color, and inclusions. We also thread our bracelets with a durable multi-thread to improve its lifespan, not that cheap ish fish line hooks you see most bracelets strung with.

Image of a Black Obsidian Stone Beaded Chakra Bracelet

Now that you have your men’s fashion guide on arm candy, don’t be afraid to try it out for yourself. Mix bead patterns, sizes, materials, colors, and don’t forget to stack. Dapper up your work outfit with a minimal yet refined Dality cuff; for a summer wedding try out the Bengal tiger eye stone bracelet—or on a night out to the club pair your hypebeast look with the White Widow howlite stone wrap bracelet.



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