The two mottos of Dear Martian, is: it’s always better to give than to receive (spoiling yourself every once in a while isn’t bad either) and it’s all about the little things. That being said our line of accessories and jewelry; from men’s ties, bracelets, to cufflinks and lapel pins; all come gift ready. We wanted to provide a personalized shopping experience to our fellow MartianArmy members, with a hassle-free easy way to send a beautifully packaged gift to their Martian. We take pride in the quality of our accessories and feel that what's on the outside should reflect what's on the inside. 

Depending on the goods that were ordered; your order will arrive in either a black bubble poly mailer or black wrapped box with our signature hexagon DM logo. Inside you will find a sleek matte black pull-out style box with an inner suede lining; which also serves as protective traveling case for your goodies.

To enhance the experience for our customers; we have featured gift options at the checkout page. Click the “Cart” page found on the top right of your screen; near the bottom will be your choices. There will be four check boxes found to determine what exactly you will be receiving with your Dear Martian, gift. You have the option of receiving a personalized card with your name/nickname, the Martian receiving the gift’s name, or if you would not like any personalized card, you may check that box as well. The final checkbox will be a typewritten piece.

An image of Dear Martian, pull-out style box which contains a black and white checkered tie wrapped in DM gift wrapping. The wrapping is sealed with a DM hexagonal logo and in addition contains a personalized hang tag label with the Martian's name.In a world where everyone is so digitally connected; we have lost sight of one of the most beautiful forms of communication, writing words in a tangible sense. Written words are a powerful force able to evoke your inner self to another being whether it be a loved one, friend, family member, or even stranger. For those that do not want to spend time going to their local store and picking up an impersonal pre-made card and would rather send something a bit more thoughtful; this option will be perfect for you. We have the option of sending a custom typewritten letter to the recipient. Simply send us the wording you would like; perhaps lyrics, a poem, message, or letter (starting with "Dear Martian,") and we will type it up on our vintage Underwood Portable Typewriter. This option will be an added four dollars and include:

  • Up to 15 Lines of Text
  • Genuine Vintage Paper
  • Paper Size: 4.25" x 5.5" (Easy for Framing)
  • Matte Black Envelope
  • DM Hexagonal Logo Wax Seal

    An image of the special gift add-on to a customer cart. The image depicts a vintage underwood typwriter with a letter containing the text "Dear Martian,". In a addition the photo shows a black matte envelope with a hexagon DM wax seale