Our Message

Dear Martian, logo written in a typewriter style font.

To all of those that have been labeled as black sheeps, weirdos, outcasts, misfits, rebels & rejects…you are not alone. We have been watching your planet Earth and the time has come to make a change and open the eyes of individuality to the human race. By being different, one may receive negativity from the masses; however, we are here to bring new perspective to the ones that follow the absent-minded. Fashion is a statement. While trends are subject to change season to season, year to year—style remains constant.

We have chosen Brooklyn to be the landing site for our Martian Army. An area where beings are known to create their own individualistic styles mixing vintage with modern; street with dapper, casual with formal. Our mission is to create a movement with no limitations and no boundaries which are confined by latest trends. Style is an individual’s choice and what better way to spice up your style than with the finishing touches; accessories and jewelry.

Our brand, Dear Martian, carries a wide-range of men’s and women’s accessories from neckties, bow ties, cufflinks, tie clips, hats and bracelets. Each accessory & piece has its own story to tell and we wanted incorporate the history of Brooklyn with it. Embrace your inner Martian, Be different, be you, break rules, and most importantly…stay weird!

P.S:  Join the #MartianArmy fellow Earthlings



  • Creator, Product Designer, Marketing Strategist

Growing up; both in school and at home, Edahn had always been considered the black sheep. It wasn’t that he always got into trouble, he just wanted to do things his own way. Influenced by a skater punk rock youth culture, Edahn formed his own unique sense of fashion and as he got older and incorporated it with a twist of dapper. Although graduating with a degree in Marketing, he knew that fashion was his passion and decided to take the leap of faith and form what is now “Dear Martian,”. 


  • New Co-Owner and Manager, former Photographer and Content Writer

After working with DearMartian and helping to grow its global reach and its marketing content, David Forero has stepped up to be the co-owner of DearMartian. David will continue to push DearMartian to new heights, while focusing on his external videography and photography projects.  


  • Photographer

Younger brother of Edahn and trusted partner in crime, Tomer is the sharpshooter of Dear Martian. Currently he is in pursuit of becoming a top notch lawyer, but during his free time he manages to help out by using his third eye to develop his grungy, Parisian inspired street style in his works.