Father's Day Gift Guide

Luke, I am your Father! Although Darth Vader was an evil man and part of the dark-side; maybe all he needed was a gift from his son on Father’s Day. (Although he did kill his mom, destroying Luke’s chance with ever celebrating Mother’s Day). When was the last time you and your pops shot the sh*t, played ball in the backyard, watched a series together, or built a computer. Your Dad knows you’re a busy bee lately, but make sure you have Sunday June 17, Father’s Day open to hang and ready to grab a cold beer. In addition to catching up, don’t show up empty handed; you could surprise your Dad with a thoughtful gift from Dear Martian, Brooklyn. (which really won’t break the bank) We know; men are difficult when it comes to buying presents, but accessories are a one size-fits all kind of deal; so there is no way you can screw this one up. (You should know his favorite colors by now) Our accessories and jewelry come gift-ready and wrapped up; you could even throw in a custom type-written letter or message and us Martian’s will type it up for you. Take a look at some gifting ideas below: 

If your Father is a plain Jane kind of dude; get one of our solid colored slim ties or bowties. The two of you could have a bonding day of learning how to tie a bow tie together or even some lavish Windsor knots. These accessories have a little flair to them being that they are constructed from soft chambray to linen and denim.An image of the arbuckle brown linen tie for Father's Day

You could spruce up the new tie you bought for him with one of our muted tie clips such as this brass Vie skull tie bar or the gunmetal Kloven axe tie clip. (if you got a Paul Bunyan kind of father)

An image of the vintage brass skull tie bar Image of the gunmetal axe tie clip for men

Throw is some wrist wear for your pops with our Onyx or Tiger Eye beaded bracelets, which are perfect when paired with a nice watch. Check out the product pages for the meaning behind the stones, which are said to have some healing properties.

An image of the Howlite white beaded bracelet

 Last, but not least do not forget to tell your Dad how much you love him. Celebrate the love for your Father with some loving words from the heart; don’t forget to check the gift letter option. Take him out to dinner, give him a hug, and talk about the good ol’ days. 

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