My Funny Valentine

On February 14th, there are three types of individuals strolling into the local bar: the lovebird accompanied by a date attached to his arm, the second, a cynic that rejects the very notion of Valentines Day for all of its lovey-dovey froo-froo , the third, an individual so clueless as to why his favorite joint is covered in love vomit.

Lovebird spends weeks in advance planning the day’s festivities. As oppose to the other 364 days in the year, this hallmark holiday is comprised of breakfast in bed, Marvin Gaye, presents, and bubbles (both from a bottle of Dom and a colorful bath bomb). The hopeless romantic is blinded by notions of love and infatuation, wanting to splurge on his other half. He buys her a giant box of chocolates, a stuffed teddy, an overpriced pre-fixed meal—all so that his lover can post a picture online of their heart-shaped medley for the world to see.

Cynic brings in a crew of like-minded individuals sworn to protect each other’s souls from the sorrows of their past. They binge on heaps of bourbon, shots of tequila, and a 12-pack of bitter IPA to forget the pains of being alone that day. Don’t forget about the games; take a sip every time someone on the Bachelor mutters the word “love,” dart boards pinned with pictures of he/she who must not be named, and a raging fire, filled with painful memories.

Clueless has been living under a rock this past week, so we’ll excuse his absent mind. 

All three, however, have something in common. They’ve come to the bar dressed to impress:

Lovebird, a.k.a Romeo, has shown up with Juliet after their couple’s dinner for two in a fresh new blazer rocking the Dear Martian rose gold flower lapel pin, and a white button down topped with the Shakespeare, skinny tie and matching rose gold cufflinks.                                                                                                                           A product image of the rose gold rose shaped flower lapel hat pin by Dear Martian, Brooklyn                      An outfit image featuring a black blazer and white button down shirt. The lapel pin is a bow shaped red polka dot pin and is paired with a red silk knitted pocket square, and the red Shakespeare floral skinny red tie.                 A product image of the rose gold Carre square enamel cufflinks for men by Dear Martian, Brooklyn.

Cynic has come dressed in all black to ward off all the devils dressed in red. If that wasn’t enough, he wears subtle brass skull accessories to further show his hatred towards Valentines day. He dons the the Vie vintage brass skull tie bar to hold in place the [use product name here] and a pair of gunmetal skull cufflinks to keep it altogether.

An image of the Vie brass skull tie clip                                                                                                                         A product image of a pair of vie gunmetal skull cufflinks.

Patrick Star has just strolled out of bed having watched a marathon of Game of Thrones in a tee, joggers, and a Dear Martian distressed denim hat.                      An image of the black distressed Denim Dear Martian Hat, featuring a white embroidered hexagonal logo.

Valentine’s Day; the day full of love, loneliness, and content. Depending on which of the three personas you claim to be this year; don’t forget your #OOTD will convey to the world how you feel about the holiday. Stay true to your individualistic style and spruce things about whether it be with colors of red or black & patterns of hearts or skulls.

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