Tis the Season!

December is upon us and Mother Nature; you’re as cold as ice. Although winter isn’t for everyone, the holiday spirit has the ability to evoke the child in all of us…and what child doesn’t like a present. With all the ads and holiday gift guides being shoved down your throat; here comes the challenge, “What the f*ck should I get this person?” 

Step One: Consider who the gift is intended for. Is it for your co-worker with the boring cufflinks? Your weird friend with the bow tie? That mobster relative? Your girlfriend in need of some bling or your boyfriend in need of some new threads? Step Two: Put your feet in their shoes…this isn’t about you after all; can you see them using said gift and does it fit their style?

Add the finishing touches with your own personal flavor. Unlike the basic b*tches out their going to pick up a boring card, from a boring store; you’re a Martian, its time to let those creative juices flow through your noggin. Dear Martian, offers a gift option where you can enter anything you desire to be written on a vintage typewriter. Write a letter to your Martian from your own dome, perhaps a poem (Shakespeare in the house), dig up your first text messages between each other(get all cutsie), write a rock song or maybe the lyrics of “our song.”

What better way to show someone you cherish them, than with a thoughtful letter and a Dear Martian accessory. Giving a gift can be somewhat challenging especially without knowing someone’s specific measurements; that’s what make both accessories and jewelry the perfect gift. 

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah!


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