This is the Dear Martian sleek jet black, silk knitted neck tie rolled and displayed against a hexagon background.
A detailed close up shot of the Dear Martian, Crow Hill black silk men's tie.
The Dear Martian, jet black tie is displayed on a mannequin, which features men's accessories such as the blue rose denim pocket square, silver axe tie clip, and skull lapel pin.


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An essential to be added to your Dear Martian collection. Because this is both a knitted tie and solid black, it will be the most versatile tie you can ever own. The being solid black makes  solid jet black, creates a certain sleekness. Wearing this accessory evokes a sense of mysteriousness to your beholder, After wearing this you’ll wanna paint it (all) black.  and makes you wanna paint it black.Black Pair it loosely with a shirt to give it a contemporary attitude or tight with a suit for a more refined look.

An 1877 article from the Brooklyn Eagle  states that the name "Crow Hill" was derived from the fact that in the tree which are scattered over this ridge, crows, who preyed on the neighboring farmers, found a retreat." Today this area is known as Crown Heights.


    • Knitted tie
    • Handmade
    • Color: Black
    • Black cotton twill "Dear Martian," label
    • Material: 100% Silk
    • Length: 62" (158cm)
    • Widest Point: 2" (5cm ) OR 2 3/8"  (6cm)
    • Dry-Clean Only