The front of the navy DM jaguar printed diamond pointed bow tie.
An image of a mannequin styled in Dear Martian products like the diamond pointed Crooke bow tie, white linen handkerchief, and orange flower lapel pin.


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Dubbed with a spotted print, this diamond-pointed bow tie tie screams fierce. For all the crazy cat lovers out there, the name “Jaguar” comes from the Native American word “Yajuar”, which means “he who kills with one leap”. Become the roaring lady-killer. So take a leap of faith and accessorize with Dear Martian to a dinner event for a bold statement.

    • Bow Tie
    • Handmade
    • Pre-tied and fixed to maintain the shape.
    • Easily Adjustable Strap, with a hook and eye fasten
    • Color: Navy I White
    • Black cotton twill "Dear Martian," label
    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Length of bow: 5 inches / 12.7 cm (apx)
    • Dry-Clean Only