An image of the Duality antique steel cuff bracelet sitting on top of a white zippo lighter. The front of the bracelet shows a wide hexagon front bezel.
An image of a vintage steel cuff bracelet for men standing up so you see the sharp ends of the bracelet.
A product image of the Duality antique steel bangle bracelet sitting on top of a matte black painted straight edge razor.
An image of the back side of the cuff Duality bracelet showing the antique steel bezel and logo embossing.


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Forged from steel, this tough cuff bracelet will be the accessory that you’ll never want leaving your wrist. With a bit of malleability of the band it will easily slip on and off your wrist. stands out from your outfit. With a raw antique finish this steel cuff is able to be worn in either direction so you can never get bored of it. Dear Martian’s purpose is for our accessories to be worn with any style and this men’s cuff bracelet does just that.

    • Cuff Bracelet
    • Handcrafted
    • Antique Steel
    • Etched Signature DM Hexagon Logo
    • Two Sizes: S/M & L/XL
    • Color: Silver