A product image of the men's matte black bead bracelet by Dear Martian with a signature matte black hexagon logo bead.
A side view image of the Black Panther matte black obisidian stone bead bracelet by Dear Martian with a hexagon logo bead.
An image of the Dear Martian, BKLYN accessory; featured is an all black chakra stone bead bracelet made from obsidian energy crystals.


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An all matte black bead bracelet by Dear Martian is named the Black Panther for its stealthy appearance. The stone beads used on this piece are raw natural stones that are unpolished that have a natural matte black finish. Obsidian crytstal stones are said to protect you from any fears and anxiety by acting as a mirror to your inner self. The simplicity of the overall bracelet combined with its can add to a rebellious punk outfit. Try the chunky black bracelet with a leather jacket for a smooth look.

    • Beaded Bracelet
    • Handcrafted
    • 12mm Genuine Matte Obsidian Stone Beads
    • Matte Black Plated Steel Logo Bead
    • Stringed with Durable Microfiber Threads
    • One Size Fits Most
    • Color: Matte Black